Flues and Flue Installation

Why install a flue?

When fitting a new stove it may be necessary to install a stainless steel liner (flue) down an existing chimney.

This ensures that the gasses from the stove, which may contain poisonous carbon monoxide, cannot leak through 'old' brickwork into the rooms of your house.  Instead they are conveyed safely through the flue to outside.

The flue is also important in creating the draft necessary for your stove to operate correctly.

What kind of flue do I need?

The flues we install are of 316 or 904 grade, twin walled stainless steel. 

  • 316 grade is usually installed if you are burning mainly wood in your stove.
  • 904 grade. If your stove burns a significant proportion of 'coal-like' products, then it is advisable to install the higher quality 904 grade twin-walled stainless flue to avoid early corrosion to your flue from sulphuric acid (formed from a combination of water vapour and sulphur from combusted materials).

I don't have a chimney – can I still have a stove installed?

External Flues

We are still able to fit stoves into houses without chimneys by constructing an external flue on the outside of the building, extending from the stove to roof height. This type of flue is a twin wall insulated flue, again in stainless steel. It is possible to spray these flues to a colour less visible than bright stainless steel.

Enquiries may need to be made with your local planning department as to whether planning is required for this work, but is not normally required except in certain circumstances.


It is recommended to have your flue swept regularly to make sure there are no blockages in your flue, or deposits building up.

How can we help

Here at Cradley Stoves we can help you as much or as little as you want:

  • if you already have a stove and would like a professional to install it,  please contact us for advice or an estimate,
  • we can check or replace an existing flue or fire, 


  • we can not only install your fire & flue, but carry out building work such as opening up an existing fireplace, replacing a hearth, together with any decorating/carpentry alleviating the need for coordinating several different tradesmen.


Contact us for friendly, free advice -
we are happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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