Stove Installation

Having decided to install a stove, you need to consider some other issues involving the installation.


What's the Cost of Installing a Wood Burning Stove?

With an existing chimney and no additional building alterations required, installation cost can be as little as £650. (If there is no chimney, please see 'Flues' section.)

Our HETAS approved engineers can confirm costs after a site survey.

Is My Property Suitable for Wood Fuel Stove Installation?

  • You should be able to build or convert a chimney, since the most important part of installing a wood fuel stove is the flue vent, which should be designed for wood fuel or multi-fuel appliances and have sufficient air movement for the stove to operate properly. Existing chimneys can often be used by adding a flue liner.
  • If you live in a smoke controlled area you should fit a clean burn stove, which is approved for use in such areas, (a DEFRA approved stove).
  • You should have somewhere for fuel storage and a good local supplier.
  • You need to comply with safety and building regulations in particular Document J and Part L related to conservation of fuel and power.
  • Listed buildings or properties in areas of outstanding natural beauty may need additional permissions from the Local Planning Department.

Stove Installation and UK Building Regulations

Building Regulations related to stove installation include Document J Combustion Appliances and Fuel Storage Systems and Part L related to conservation of fuel and power. That means that any chimney work including the fitting of the flue liner and or chimney construction is under building control. Often a visual inspection is required to ensure that the chimney is in good order, of proper size and without obstructions.

Clean Air Act Compliance and Smoke Control Areas

Recent Climate Change legislation requires, that if you are located in a smokeless zone, a clean burn stove should be fitted which complies with the Clean Air Act.

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