There are hundreds of different stoves on the market from a few hundred pounds to several thousands of pounds.  If, however, you have seen a stove that you like, then please feel free to send us the details and provided it meets the relevant HETAS recommendations, we will be able to supply you with an estimate.

Here are a few suggestions to help you through this maze of manufacturers, kilowatts and styles:


How do I choose my Stove?

There are many considerations when you are choosing a stove:

  • What style of stove would you like to install?  Do you want a traditional style or something more modern-looking?
  • Would you like to burn just wood (wood-burning stove) or have the option of burning 'coal' in addition to wood (multi-fuel stove)?
  • How big does your stove need to be? Use our stove size calculator below.
  • What dimensions of stove can fit in the space you have available?
  • Is your chimney suitable?  (If you don't have a chimney, see 'Flues' Section.)
  • Is my hearth suitable?  The stove needs to be positioned on a plinth of non-combustible material which extends around the stove.


At Cradley Stoves we can help you as much or as little as you require:

  • We could do just the installation, or
  • Supply the stove and install it.
  • Our engineers are also happy to estimate for other works required, such as opening up old fire recesses, revealing or re-building original arches or interesting brickwork, a new granite hearth or even repairs to your chimney outside.   

What size stove do I need?

Stove size calculator.

To work out the size of Stove in kilowatts (Kw).
Working this out is simple, but you do need to take into account how well insulated the room or rooms are. You need to be aware that supplementary heat (radiators) will have an impact on the calculation if they are being used as well.

A simple basic guide is to:

  • Measure the volume you wish to heat. You need the height, length and width in metres.
  • Then multiply each (Height x Length x Width). This gives you the volume. If you have an unusually shaped room you may need to calculate part volumes of the room separately and then add them together.
  • For a well-insulated house 25 m3 will need approximately 3.5 kW (Kilowatt) of heat. Remember this is a guide and you will need more heat if your house is less well insulated or single glazed for example.

If you are in any doubt, please contact us and we will be happy to give you some informal advice.

Do I need to have My Stove Maintained?

Yes - it is advisable to have your stove checked over once a year along with having the flue swept. Annual maintenance is usually confined to minor wearing parts such as the door and flue cement seals. Major part replacements are not commonplace such as baffle plates and new doors, although parts are often readily available.

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